Interview par e-mail de Horatio, metalcore, Genève et France-voisine – 08.02.08


Horatio, un groupe de Genève qui ne fait que monter. A voir impérativement en live, show garanti!

(interview en anglais, langue maternelle des membres du groupe)


Just to get started, could you present your band and the music you guys play in a few words?

Yes ! Horatio is 5 piece hardcord band aged 16-20 years. The general goal of our music is to be energetic, raw, and overall completely positive, but still brutal.…the last thing we want is to be heavy but depressing, that’s just stupid.


Where does the name « horatio » come from?

Ever heard of the band « Caliban » ? Well like Caliban, we got our band name from a character created by William Shakespeare. He is Hamlet’s best friend in the play «Hamlet ». We admired his character traits and thought it made a bad ass band name.


What are your main musical influences?

That’s an extremely difficult question, we listen to a little bit of everything, from indie pop to southern rock and of course a fair amount of metalcore. Examples are August Burns Red, older Haste The Day, Life In Your Way, The Devil Wears Prada.


Last year you guys put out your first EP « And Now, The Choir… ». What do you think of the record today? Do you think it has helped the band progress?

I think it definitely did help us out! More so than not releasing anything at all. It definitely got us a few shows ! It helped people take us more seriously as a band and we enjoyed being able to have merch available at shows. One regret out of it is that our writing style has matured a lot since when we recorded « And Now, The Choir… » What we’ve written since then is just so much better and much more intense ! Of course there’s nothing greater than having people sing along live to our songs from the EP ! We still love those songs, but just watch out for the new stuff…


Recently, you put up two new songs on your myspace page. Are there going to be more to come? Are you planning on making an EP in the new future or maybe even recording an LP?

Haha, no we’ve only got those 2 new ones recorded. No plan for an LP but would love to record a few more songs here and there.


On your myspace page, you guys clearly express your religious views and your devotion to God but you don’t like to be put under a « christian band » tag. How would you explain the difference?

Not actually being a “Christian band”, means that we all play in this band for fun rather than having the agenda of soley talking to people about God. In Horatio, we’re having a great time at shows, playing with other bands, and travelling to different places. Playing music together is what we want to do, and that’s why we’re in this band. Not to convert everyone to Christianity. We do each have a personal love for Jesus Christ though, which hopefully comes through in our personal lives and inevitably comes through in our music and how we interact within and outside of the band.


The members of this band screw up just as much as every other person on this planet. We just want to live avoiding obstacles that Jesus came to earth to set us free from: addictions, pains and all things that God never wanted us to suffer from. The world, sadly can be a dark place) We want to be the opposite of what the world can sometimes stand for (we want to be positive, not negative and encouraging instead of discouraging.)


Being a Christian means having a personal relationship with Jesus. Jesus first loved us, so we try to live to love others in this way. We believe Jesus came to bring hope to a world that sometimes seems hopeless. We want to share this.


What’s your opinion on the whole « Rock n Roll » and « Religion » debate? Do you think you can mix up the two?

If we’re gonna get mad at Christian bands for talking about God, then let’s get mad at punk bands for talking about Politics. To quote the band No Innocent Victim : « I thought hardcore was about standing up for what you believe in » If you don’t want to hear other people’s beliefs, then don’t to the show.


You guys have now been able to play quite a fair amount of shows all over Switzerland. What’s your next big objective as a band?

An actual tour! I know it’s hard to believe but we’ve never actually toured for more than 2 days in a row. We’ve got 2 countries in mind that we’d like to organise a 4-6 tour in so hopefully we’ll make it to at least one.


Last year you played a few times in the German speaking part of Switzerland. Can you tell of a big difference between the hardcore/metal scene over there and the one around us here in the French part?

They both have their differences. The people in Geneva seem to listen to the music more so than move to it, where as the Swiss Germans just wreak havoc during shows.


What has been the best gig for Horatio?

B4xmas Fest, We got to co-headline along bands from FR, CH, UK/US, D. We played wearing Santa before 200 cool people at 1 :15 in the morning.


One of the most memorable moments you’ve had with your band?

You’d have to ask the other guys for their own responses but for me :

-A crowd of 300 people at our first official concert, November 11th, 2005.

– Joining the NC records family. A huge highlight for me personally since June 2007 has been spending time with the NC crew and especially the numerous shows with Requiem For Sirens even before we were label mates!



The music Horatio plays seems to try and mix up different styles. What’s your opinion on the whole debate over the differences between alternative music styles?

I don’t like it when scenes don’t allow mixture…or when a scene has to have a dresscode. As much as i don’t like ultra scenexcore kids, I don’t think they should be excluded from listening to hardcore and I don’t think the ultra hardcore fans should have the right to exclude ultra emo kids. People should be happy their style of music is supported in the first place ! Not debating whether or not this or that person is allowed to listen to your band or if they’re going to be allowed into your show or not.



What CD are you most listening to at the moment?

– Brutal Fight – « Our Merciful Father »

– Life In Your Way – « Waking Giants »


Does any band member have any other musical or artistic side projects?

Not really, but Dustin (drummer) loves playing guitar and singing outside of the band. Josh (guitarist) has been experimenting with screaming a fair amount (and even screams a little in « Brethren », one of our new song on mypace).


Anything else to say?

Thanks for your support, We love you.



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